CAM: CHILDREN AND MONSOONS – III (Common Respiratory disorders in monsoons)

On this particular rainy morning, I was woken up by my phone buzzing right into my ears... What had happened? . . . Monsoons are coming to an end we thought but the past few days have brought down heavy showers with thunder and lightening. These weather conditions can cause a variety of respiratory illnesses in your child...


CAM: CHILDREN AND MONSOONS – II (Common Skin ailments and how to prevent and manage them.)

Skin is the largest organ of our body and skin affections are troublesome, what with the itching & scratching and the appearance (that troubles parents more than the kids); in part 2 we will deal with Common Skin ailments seen in Monsoons and how to prevent/treat them.


CAM: CHILDREN AND MONSOONS – I (Why are monsoons such a potent season for precipitating a variety of illnesses?)

Children love monsoons. But there are a variety of illnesses hat can be precipitated in the monsoons due to a variety of causes. Once you know the cause, you know what needs to be prevented...



I have been asked this question numerous times. And have had parents complain that while there is practically everyone out there telling adults how much water they need and giving unsolicited advice, no one really talks about how much water does one need to give to their children in a day. It is a valid point. And considering the blistering heat this particular summer has brought with it, the question is more relevant than ever.

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Adenoids: Can they be treated without surgery?

What if you found an alternative to surgery in your child suffering from adenoids? What are adenoids? How can they cause trouble? Are they important for your child's optimal growth, development and immunity? Why do adenoids get enlarged? What are the signs and symptoms? How do I help my child without surgery? Answers to all these questions and more are in the blog. Read on...


SMOG: Let’s learn to face our own ills!

It's time to face our own evils and protect our children from the evil that we've brought upon ourselves. Smog...


Childhood and the Big C

Childhood is a phase of innocence, curiosity, development and growth. Children are unaware and blissful and that state is rarely seen in adults. At a recent CME, I heard something that struck me as the most apt definition of "adults". This senior paediatrician stated, "The word adult is derived from the fact that an adult… Continue reading Childhood and the Big C